We Can’t Do It Without You!

Now recruiting volunteers for our fall session! September training dates are now live. See details below.

Attendance & Absences

If you are sick or cannot make it to volunteer on short notice, PLEASE CALL (do NOT email) as soon as you can to let us know. Office (with voicemail) 519-653-4686 / Barn 519-653-8736

“Short notice” means the business day before your class or the day of class.

Sufficient volunteer numbers are crucial for the safety of riders and volunteers.
Having as much notice as possible to try to find a substitute for your spot helps to ensure everyone’s safety and success.

If you know you will be away well in advance, email is fine (volunteering [at] pridestables.com).
NOTE: emails are not monitored on evenings or weekends.


Yes, we still run classes in rain, snow, wind, fog, etc. Unless you hear otherwise from us (and/or on the office’s voicemail message) classes will be running indoors in inclement weather.

Tracking Volunteer Hours

All volunteers are responsible for tracking their own volunteer hours if needed for a course, program, OSSD, or any other purpose, and getting them signed off by their instructor (in person) or the volunteer coordinator (via email) at the end of their session/time volunteering with us.


Prospective Volunteers

All Pride Stables volunteers must be at least 15 years of age.

No horse experience is required however volunteers must have an element of endurance to be able to run short distances at the end of a class alongside a horse or pony that is trotting.

Check out these links for more detailed information on our volunteer positions:
Leader Position  Side Walker Position Volunteer Manual PDF

Volunteers are asked to commit to at least 90 minutes a week (one class with tack time) for the full duration of the session (8-10 weeks in spring & fall; 4 weeks in summer; 6 weeks in winter).

During summer camp, volunteers are required to commit to 3.5 hours each morning for one entire week (Mon-Fri) minimum.


Volunteer Training

Two forms are required for training and volunteering with us: info and liability.
Click the links below to download the forms.
**Important! If you are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must sign your forms before training as instruction is hands-on with the horses. **

Volunteer Information Form AND

Insurance Form – under 18 years of ageor Insurance Form – 18yrs or older

Upcoming Training Dates

We run orientation training before every new season of riding.
You only need to attend one training date and time, and PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.
We will need your full name and phone number to complete your registration.
You will also need to complete the two forms noted above.

Fall 2019 – Training for our fall season takes place in early-mid September.
Available training dates:
Thursday Sept. 5:            6-8pm OR 12-2pm
Monday Sept. 9:              6-8pm
Wednesday Sept. 11:      6-8pm OR 12-2pm
Saturday Sept. 14:          12-2pm CANCELLED
Tuesday Sept. 17:            6-8pm
Thursday Sept. 19:          6-8pm OR 12-2pm
Wednesday Sept. 25:     12-2pm

Remember, you only need to attend one 2-hour training and PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.
To register, please send an email including your name & phone number and confirming you meet/exceed the minimum age threshold to volunteering@pridestables.com or call the office at 519-653-4686.




Fall Session 2019

New Volunteers: Orientation training takes place in early-mid September. See above for dates.
Existing Volunteers: Check your email! The fall class schedule was sent out Aug. 30!
Fall evening and Saturday classes (45 min ea.) start the week of Sept. 22nd and run for 10 weeks.
Fall weekday daytime classes (60 min ea.) start the week of Sept. 29th and run for 8 weeks.

Winter Session 2020

New Volunteers: Orientation training takes place in early January. Stay tuned for dates.
Existing Volunteers: You will get an email from us in mid December when we have established the winter schedule are ready to start class sign ups!
The winter session begins mid January and runs for 6 weeks.
Winter classes run during the week on select days in the daytime and evenings, and on Saturdays.

Spring Session 2020

New Volunteers: Orientation training takes place in early-mid March. Stay tuned for dates.
Existing Volunteers: You will get an email from us in late Feb./early March when we are ready to start class sign ups!
The spring session begins in mid-late March and runs for 8-10 weeks.
Spring classes run on Mondays through Fridays during the daytime and evenings, and on Saturdays.

Summer Session 2020

Morning volunteering: Camp Pride
Each summer we are in need of many volunteers to ensure Camp Pride is a success.
There are 8 separate weeks of camp in the summer.
Volunteers are asked to commit to one full week at a minimum.
Volunteering hours are 8:30am-12pm Mon-Fri. (Arrive for 8:30am – 1st campers ride at 9am)

Evening volunteering: Summer Classes
In addition to our day camp, Camp Pride, we run an evening riding program in the summer which consists of two blocks of 4 weeks each (July; August).
Summer evening classes are 45min long and take place on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6, 7, & 8pm.
Volunteers are asked to commit to their selected class(es) for a full session of 4 weeks.
Session 1: Four Weeks in July
Session 2: Four Weeks in August

If a different volunteer was used for every class in one session, Pride Stables would need nearly 600 different people!

Fortunately a substantial number of our volunteers spend many hours, and often more than one day a week, helping our special riders maneuver around the arena.

There are a couple of different volunteer opportunities available at Pride. For ease of scheduling and interest, your instructor will help you determine which position will enhance your volunteer experience!

A Leader is an essential volunteer position as we need one leader for each horse and rider. Click on the link for a detailed job description of the Leader.

A Side Walker is also an integral position and  needed for many of our  riders. Click on the link for a detailed job description of the Side Walker.

Volunteers are always needed, especially DAYTIME and CAMP PRIDE volunteers. If you can help or know someone who can help, please reach out!

Email volunteering@pridestables.com
Office Phone 519-653-4686 (10:00-4:30, Monday through Friday)
Barn Phone 519-653-8736